962999_10201848735290740_1056422885_nIgnasi Guardado i Alsina was born in Gelida on May the 10th 1983. He is the founder of Dyskonform crew, dj and hardtechno acid techno and punk producer.

Ignacid starts to familiarize himself with the world of mixing in 1999 when he starts mixing punk and ska. He plays in public for the first time in January 2000 in a free party in some old abandoned cement works in the outskirts of Barcelona. After 2 years playing in different parties (raves, squatted social centers, etc.), he decides to start Dyskonform with two other friends in order to organize their own free parties.

After a year throwing parties non-stop, they start to organize events in different clubs of the Spanish techno scene like Cyberian, La Cova, Palm Beach, Ma Rocket, Raveland or Eix Club. In 2004 they start organizing parties with international djs and producers like Jeff Amadeus, Dave the Drummer, Julian Liberator or The Geezer. From then on, Dyskonform gets a monthly residency at Code Club (former Eix Club) and another one at La Cova, and he gets to play alongside renowned dj’s like Chris Liberator, Aarón Liberator, Julian Liberator, Rackitt, The Geezer, Carl, etc.

In mid 2006 Ignacid and Beia decide to legalize Dyskonform as an agency for booking dj’s, distributing vinyls and promoting events. Other clubs where Ignacid has played are: Florida 135, Breakstorm,Blau Hipnotik, Habitat, Loops, Rachdingue, Zoreks, X Inercia, Underground (Blanes), Lakota (Bristol, UK), Squat Party (London), 414 (London), Audio City (Poland), Vector Project, Tunnel Club (Milano), Club Mogambo (Valencia), Sala Vogue, Siracussa, C-17, Reset Club, Ciclik, Sala Univers, Mama Mandawa, Instinto, Sala Nit i Dia, Reset, Input, Begood and Sala Reef (Valencia).

Festivals: Antisonar 03, 04,05….!!!! Dragon Festival ( Granada ) 2008/09, Dual Festival vol.2: Eric Sneo, Aaron Liberator, Ignacid, Luis-m1. Paranoik Sound Festival: Rowland the Bastard, Ignacid, C.h.i.n.o, Rulo. Paranoik Sound Festival vol.2: Dave the Drummer, Ignacid, Aldj. Sala Bacart: Product 19, Ignacid, Aldj. Hazard Desert Festival 2k7. Paranoik Sound Festival vol.3: Product 19, Ignacid, Aldj. Massive Collective Festival vol1/vol2. Drum’n’Wars (Pont Aeri) Open Air Festival.

In early 2008 his great master Kalen initiates him in the production world, and in 2009 Ignacid starts Acid Corp Records with M.Palo. In 2011 they finally release the first vinyl under their own imprint alongside Chris Liberator, Aaron Liberator and Sterling Moss. From then on, they start releasing tracks on their own label, in other labels like Braingravy and in 909London digital store. His tune “Have and acid sweet dream” (Acid Corp Digital) was number 1 in the sales chart in 909London. In 2012, Ignacid, Palo and Acidmutant form Rats on K, an alias under which they have produced together tunes like Barcelona Resistance, Culpables, Acid rain vs Dyskonform and many more…

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1289984_10201848734210713_1854020133_nPalo founded Acid Rain in 1999 with some friends from Mataró (Demon, Xtintor, Lopi and Lluix, with Rulo and Krpi joining later). After several years throwing free parties in the mountains, they started going to parties in clubs.

In 2005 Palo starts producing his first tunes, and in 2007 he launches his own netlabel: Acid Corp Digital. The label’s releases where distributed through Juno Records and Beats Digital.

In 2009 he joins Ignacid from Dyskonform and they start organizing parties and releasing tracks together.

In 2011 Palo and Ignacid release Acid Corp 01, the first vinyl release of the label, alongside The Wipeouts (a.k.a. Chris Liberator, Aaron Liberator and Sterling Moss). They also join 909London, where the digital releases of the label will be distributed from then on.

In 2012, Palo, Ignacid and Acidmutant form Rats on K, an alias under which they have produced together tunes like Barcelona Resistance, Culpables, Acid rain vs Dyskonform and many more… Today we could say that Acid Corp has become one of the biggest referents in the Spanish acid techno and underground scene.

During these years Palo has played in clubs like Eix (Vic), Canela Natura (Canoves), Inercia (Cornella), Hipnotic (Calella), 414 (Londres), Agora (Valencia), Mandawa (Cerdanyola), Siracusa (Tona), La Cova (Corbera), Cyberian (L’Hospitalet), Undergroun (Blanes), Acid Corp (Terrassa), C-17 (Tona), Blau (Girona), Nit i Dia (Vic), 2046 (Granollers) or Loka Munia Party (El Penedes).

He has also played in countless free parties and festivals like Dragon Festival (2004, 2008), Massive Festival (2009), Anti-Creamfields, Anti-Sonar (from 2000 to 2005), La creu de Canet (2008), Castillejos (2003), Mequinenza (2004), Festival Liberator (La Gleva), Squat Party (London)….

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ikzio web tamany OK_bis

With roots in genres like punk, reggae or rock, Ikzio was soon attracted by electronic music, especially by the techno that was played at the parties he assisted. It didn’t take long before he started practicing with the decks, and from then on, his tastes and vinyl collection have not stopped growing.

After several years going to free parties and clubs, in 2005, he and various friends created Rizomatik, and started throwing free parties under that name. During the next years they organized parties non-stop and collaborated with other crews from the Catalan free party scene such as Drum’n’Basstards, Teknowar, Drum Indvazion or Lleida Crew. Due to their interest in the most risky and extreme styles in electronic music, they also organized various parties at clubs with international artists like Hellfish, The Dj Producer or Jeff Amadeus.

In 2009, after Rizomatik split, Ikzio continued playing in clubs, free parties and festivals all around the country and started making his own music. Today he is one of the members of Acid Corp alongside Palo, Ignacid and Acidmutant. He has already had his first digital release (“Doctor Shulgin” appears on Acid Corp Digital 04) and he will soon release his first tune on vinyl (Acid Corp 02). Apart from this, he also collaborates with other crews in the underground scene like Reset Sound or AnarkoProject.

During these years Ikzio has played in clubs like Florida 135 (Fraga), Club Zoreks (Alcarràs), La Cova (Corbera), Blau Club (Girona), Mama Mandawa (Cerdanyola del Valles), Instinto (Barcelona), Golfus (Tarragona), Estraperlo (Badalona), Cosmik (Tarragona), Vortex (Sabadell), Hipnotik (Calella), Mephisto (Barcelona), La Boite (Lleida) or Cotton Club (Lleida), and in festivals like Montagood or Mountain Bass, getting to play alongside renowned djs like Chris Liberator, Dj Hidden, Ed Rush or Black Sun Empire to name a few.

He has also played in countless free parties and festivals like Slovtek (2013), Free Romania Teknival (2013), Drag-Off Festival (2009), Viñatek (2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), Aftermontagood (2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), HungaryTek (2010), Mipanas (2008), and many more…

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didac mandawa blau tamany OK

Didac was born in Terrassa in 1983.
Since he was a child music was one of his passions.

With only 13 years old he get’s a mixer as xmas present… and start recording mixtapes and investigating about different styles of music. During this period he was musically interested in ska, punk, rock, 70s, 80s but also in electronic music…

At 15 years old he get’s a pair of turntables, and some vinyls from his uncle and starts mixing electronic music. At this point he start to discover a full variety of genres including techno, hard techno, psychedellic trance, progressive, hard-trance… He also discovered the underground electronic music scene in bcn (including clubs like Spunny and Nitsa and rave parties organized by Tasmaniac, Insomnis…).

In 2001 he start playing music in some pubs, discos and start organizing some small parties.

In 2004 some friends and him founded NKF (NoKonforme). During next 5 years NKF played music in; and organized several rave parties, club parties, squat parties, festivals, etc etc.

In 2010 he founded “Panda Attack” in solitary. From 2010 until now Panda Attack has organizated several parties in pubs, discos, squats and private locations.

In 2014 he joined Acid Corp Crew and start releasing his own tracks (he started producing music in 2005 but until now his songs were only played by himself and his friends).

During all this years Didac has played in several club and festivals like Loops, Ciclik, Input, Reset, Mystik club, K-Sino, THC, Mamma Mandawa , FEM festival, NOHMO festival, Inertia Festival, La Cova, Switch club, Infinity weekend, and many others. He also has played in several rave and squat parties.

He has also organised events and played music together with High Voltage, Perkaltech, KlSocis,  Acid corp, Muskaria, Nuria Ghia, The youngsters, Joc & SPY, Dj Hands, Raveindika, Sound Army, Boykore, Yukomate, PINOS crew, Soundementes and many of the local Dj’s and party organisers in BCN and Catalunya area.


Listen to Didac’s 3 decks session on mixcloud


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